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About me

Who I Am

I am a psychotherapist working in private a practice in Wimbledon Village. I specialise in helping couples and individuals who have relationship problems or sexual difficulties.


I trained at Tavistock Relationships (MSc Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy, PG Dip Individual and Couple Therapy) and then went on to teach and supervise at Tavistock Relationships. I was also a supervisor and trainer for the Couple Therapy for Depression Training. 


I enjoy working with people of all ages and sexualities. I have a particular interest in affairs, problem drinking, substance misuse, fertility issues, loss of desire, cross cultural relationships and those going through divorce or separation. 

I also have an MSc in Addiction, Psychology and Counselling. 

Professional Qualifications
How I work

MSc in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy, taught at the TCCR, validated by UEL and accredited by COSRT.

Relationship and psychosexual therapy are talking therapies, which aim to help you explore and understand your feelings and behaviours. Putting words to difficult thoughts and feelings is an effective way of processing your experience so that you can move forward in a positive direction. Psychosexual therapy can also involve tasks for you to do in between sessions, alone or with a partner.


I am not there to make decisions for you or to act as judge or jury. Whether you come with a partner or by yourself, I want to help you think more clearly about yourself and the other important people in your life. I believe that having a greater awareness of all the different aspects of what you are feeling and experiencing gives you a better sense of being connected to yourself, which then allows you to be more connected to others. With stronger and deeper connections to those around us, we can go out into the world feeling more resilient and effective.


I realise that most of us have busy lives and finding time for therapy isn't easy. I work five days a week, offering early morning and evening appointments. I also see people at weekends. I offer every client an initial assessment. This is a chance to discuss the issues troubling you. You get to see if you would like to work with me and I can make sure I feel I am the right person to help you. Then, if you would like to make some further sessions we can agree a time to meet. Ideally, we would meet weekly, at the same time, although I appreciate that work and family commitments can make that difficult for some.


Post Graduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Couple and Individual Counselling and Psychotherapy, taught at the TCCR, validated by UEL and accredited by BACP.

“Anna helped us face up to our problems, communicate better and find the courage to change things for the better.”. Richard H.
“When we met Anna we were barely speaking and hadn't had sex in years. We were heading for divorce. But Anna helped us talk and find a way to start over.” Emma T.
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