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Relationship, psychosexual
and addiction therapy

Good relationships can be hard to hang on to. Sometimes, it’s because there’s a problem with sex, infidelity or the family. Sometimes you've been affected by addiction. And sometimes, we just can’t pin down why we feel stuck or lonely. We simply know we’re not as happy as we could be.

Therapy can seem a daunting step to take, but believe me, the rewards can be great. My clients leave feeling stronger, knowing more about themselves. They’ve faced the difficult stuff, learned to communicate better and to be more honest in all sorts of ways. They see now what the choices are.

I counsel married and single people, gay or straight, who come alone or with their partner. Whatever is making you miserable and threatening your relationship or your well-being, I know I can help.

I work face-to-face and I also offer online therapy on Zoom or Skype. 

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